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There are many types of PV's and we will not cover all of them, the purpose of this page is to give those who would like a little more information exactly that.

Penstyle PV's

These are an older style of PV that has been out since around 2007 and were initialy the largest and most popular style of PV on the market.

Like many of the other models on the market the penstyle has 3 main parts. First is the Cartridge which holds the e-liquid, Second is the Atomizer which heats the e-liquid releasing vapor, and Third is the Battery which powers the PV. The penstyle is made by quite a few manufacturers under different modle numbers some of the more common are the 801 and the 302. This model has many reviews which can be found on youtube and in the forums.

510 PV's

The 510 has been on the market for a while but not as long as the penstyle. The 510 is a powerhouse when it comes to vapor and throat hit, and is probably the most common and popular PV on the market today.

The 510 is composed of the same 3 parts as the penstyle (Cartridge, Atomizer, Battery) however, the parts are not interchangeable and not even close to the same size, as the 510 is much smaller both in length and diameter.


The 808 is a bit different in that it only has 2 parts. The first being the battery and the second being a disposable part known as a cartomizer, which is basicly your cart and atomizer combinded into one. Cartomizers can now be purchased for other models including penstyles and 510's, but initialy these were exclusive to the 808 and considered to be the most convieniant method for PV users. Cartomizers are still very popular and are still concidered to be the most convieniant method.




The EGO was initialy released a few years ago, and was imidiatly loved. The eGo is basicly a modified 510, which uses the standard 510 atomizer, and a massive battery designed to last all day. Since it was created it has been coppied by every company on the market and many variations of this PV have come out. It is important to note that not all EGO/VGO PV's are 510 compatible as some have been designed to work with other style atomizers.